Pumpkin Spice Nachos, et al.


Happy Fall, y’all. It’s that time of year, when everybody is eating, drinking and presumably smoking Pumpkin Spice Fill-in-the-Blank. I admit to being guilty. The Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Waffles have fewer calories, less sodium and cholesterol and more vitamins than their other flavors, and let’s face it a warm waffle on a chilly morning is a happy thing.

But pumpkin nachos? Oh, Joe, what were you thinking?

At least we now know what Linus van Pelt will be munching while waiting in his sincere pumpkin patch on Halloween.

Weighing In On the Issues, #2


Ah, autumn. When the trees turn red, yellow and brown. When the weather cools to a crisp Ishouldhavewornajacket-ness. When students keep turning in the papers I assign, and I keep being forced to grade them. And, apparently most importantly, when pumpkin spice is a thing.


Doughnuts. Coffee. Beer. Crackers. And although I haven’t been to Staples recently, I suspect pencils.

I get it. I do. We all appreciate pumpkins. We all anticipate dressing up as Agent Melinda May and waiting for the Great Pumpkin in our local organic-certified sincere pumpkin patch (okay, admittedly, I am speaking for myself here). And we all just loooove our allspice.

But enough already.

Thank you. That is all.