Weighing In On the Issues, #2


Ah, autumn. When the trees turn red, yellow and brown. When the weather cools to a crisp Ishouldhavewornajacket-ness. When students keep turning in the papers I assign, and I keep being forced to grade them. And, apparently most importantly, when pumpkin spice is a thing.


Doughnuts. Coffee. Beer. Crackers. And although I haven’t been to Staples recently, I suspect pencils.

I get it. I do. We all appreciate pumpkins. We all anticipate dressing up as Agent Melinda May and waiting for the Great Pumpkin in our local organic-certified sincere pumpkin patch (okay, admittedly, I am speaking for myself here). And we all just loooove our allspice.

But enough already.

Thank you. That is all.