Pride Goeth, after the Fall


How did we get here after nine feet

Of snow fell on my city, my streets

Where I walk unhindered eight months

Of each year? How did we get to this brightness

With trees waving yellow hands and smiling

With cheery red faces? Who allowed spring


To be so very short indeed, maybe two months

And then a long, slow summer, not too hot

And, thank God, not humid nearly at all

For a change? This chill in the air cheers

Me, suggests to me even better things

To come, despite the inevitability of winter


Just around the corner. I will not say

I am ready for any of it. I will not claim to be

Happy to see autumn go, with its bright

Calm and see winter come, all slippery

And not trustworthy at all, white sidewalks

Preparing now, in secret, to take us down.

Weighing In On the Issues, #2


Ah, autumn. When the trees turn red, yellow and brown. When the weather cools to a crisp Ishouldhavewornajacket-ness. When students keep turning in the papers I assign, and I keep being forced to grade them. And, apparently most importantly, when pumpkin spice is a thing.


Doughnuts. Coffee. Beer. Crackers. And although I haven’t been to Staples recently, I suspect pencils.

I get it. I do. We all appreciate pumpkins. We all anticipate dressing up as Agent Melinda May and waiting for the Great Pumpkin in our local organic-certified sincere pumpkin patch (okay, admittedly, I am speaking for myself here). And we all just loooove our allspice.

But enough already.

Thank you. That is all.