Squirrel Revolution

Girl on the Contrary is predicting that the squirrels in her neighborhood may be plotting a revolution. Until I read this, I did not understand the Sandy Skoglund installation/photo entitled “Squirrels.” Now, however, I am beginning to get it…


They are in fact everywhere, probably

Watching us through our windows, looking

Innocent and fuzzy as they scamper up and down

Trees in the park. Only the big black dog knows

What they are up to and chases them at top speed

Leaping easily over the fence and trying to follow

Them up the tree. But paws like his were not made

For vertical climbing. So the ides of March comes

Closer every day, the revolution comes disguised

In soft greys and browns, with beady black eyes and

Fluffy tails twitching in Morse code: Soon. Very soon.

18 comments on “Squirrel Revolution

  1. never underestimate a dog! The nose knows 🙂 haha


  2. PJS says:

    I forgot about your Skoglund poems. Always liked them!


  3. Squirrels are the minions of Homeland Security. Don’t let those fuzzy tails fool you.

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  4. The squirrels and I have a longstanding treaty and alliance. I suggest you do the same while the terms are still generous.

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  5. All those squirrels would give me the creeps. Ha ha.


  6. Interesting subject too. Haruki-Murakami-like


  7. I’m not exactly sure how, my friend, but discussions about the squirrel revolution you describe has spilled over onto another blog.


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  8. PJS says:

    And what, exactly, are those crows (ravens) up to? 🙂

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  9. Widdershins says:

    They’re in cahoots with cats! 🙂 … and the crows are their advance scouts.

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  10. pixcdrinks says:

    Awesomeness 🙂


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