That Poem about the Quokka

A friend in need, Mike Allegra, heylookawriterfellow, recently gave me a writing topic when I was sore in need of ideas. He wrote, “Aw! Blockage stinks. But I’m here to help; write about quokkas. You’re welcome.” I had never heard of these, but when I Googled it, here is the picture that looked back at me.


The kangaroo’s cousin, cute little quokka

With teddy bear eyes and a winning small smile,

Nicely nocturnal you feed on the seedpods,

Leaves and soft bark by the light of the moon.


Quick! Make a wish! A big steaming mocha

Or peppermint muffins stacked up in a pile:

Some sign that you haven’t been mocked by the food gods.

The Nightblooming Rainbow will bring it right soon.

7 comments on “That Poem about the Quokka

  1. A poem as wonderful as quokkas are adorable. Many thanks!


  2. Cute little critter. Mike is always full of zany ideas. This one worked. Love your poem 🙂

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  3. That writerfellow is quite a guy! And the poem is great.

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  4. PJS says:

    Ah, I wondered what you would rhyme with “quokka.” (I suppose “maraca” would have worked too.)

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  5. Success! Yes, quokkas have long been known to alleviate blockages. Glad to see their record remains unbroken.

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