Weird Coincidence Number 37

So lately as I have been waiting impatiently for CBS to bring Person of Interest Season 5 back, or at the very least tell us when it is coming back—March? May? Honestly, CBS, you produce a kickass show and then you make the fans crazy by not giving it to us. They have all but cancelled it, making a short season and keeping it in somebody’s vault somewhere. So, to encourage them to bring it back, I have been heroically binge-watching Seasons 2-4 on Netflix, and just a few days ago, watched the episode where Finch (Michael Emerson) very precisely orders a complicated sandwich from a deli in Chinatown, which seems odd, because why would you order a pastrami sandwich (with two kinds of mustard and “enough pepperoncini to create digestion issues in even the strongest constitution” but with no mayonnaise because “if there’s even a trace, it will render the sandwich useless and we’ll have to start the whole process over again and I’m sure neither one of us want that”) from a Chinese deli?


And how do you render a sandwich useless? That is actually easier to answer, as it is meant to be a peace offering for a friendly former government assassin, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) whom the gang was forced to drug and handcuff to the bench to keep her from going off to help the gang after her cover has been blown and the Evil Artificial Intelligence could kill her if they find her. And nothing renders a peace offering useless like mayonnaise. Duh. Even I know that.


The thing about all this is that, as Wikia explains, “Finch refers to the sandwich he brings to Shaw as a ‘Beatrice Lillie.’ Beatrice Lillie was a comic actress. Her final role was in the 1967 film Thoroughly Modern Millie, where she played the house mother at a women’s rooming house who is actually the leader of a white slavery ring based in New York’s Chinatown, thus the name of the sandwich.” This isn’t a very good explanation, but that isn’t my point.


My point is that, not knowing this connection, I just watched Thoroughly Modern Millie last night and have the damn theme song stuck in my head, because of course anything Julie Andrews sings is going to be stuck in my head for life, especially if she sings it while dressed like a 1920s flapper.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

There are those
I suppose think we’re mad
Heaven knows the world is gone
To wrack and to ruin

What we think is chic, unique, and quite adorable
They think is odd and “Sodom and Gomorrable”
But the fact is everything today is thoroughly modern

Check your personality,
Everything today makes yesterday slow
Better face reality- it’s not insanity, says Vanity Fair
In fact, it’s stylish to raise your skirt and bob your hair

In the rumble seat, the world is so cozy- if the boy is kissable!
And that tango dance they wouldn’t allow?
Now is quite permissable!

Good-bye, good-goody girl, I’m changing and how?
So beat the drums cuz here comes thoroughly modern Millie now!

Everything today is thoroughly modern
Bands are gettin’ jazzier, everything today is starting to go
Cars are gettin’ snazzier
Men say it’s criminal what women’ll do
What they’re forgetting is, this is 1922!

Have you seen the way they kiss in the movies?
Isn’t it delectable?
Painting lips and pencil lining your brow
Now is quite respectable!

Good-bye, good-goody girl, I’m changing and how!
So beat the drums ‘cuz here comes
Thoroughly modern Millie now!


Someone on Facebook recently pointed out that the 20s are coming back and we should bring back the clothes and music. Well, maybe the music anyway. But watching this ridiculously (and casually) racist and sexist comedy, I think there are a whole bunch of things we will happily leave behind.

7 comments on “Weird Coincidence Number 37

  1. Widdershins says:

    I loved the bit where our heroine battled with her long string of beads. 😀

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  2. PJS says:

    Someone was dipping into the peyote.


  3. Hi Susan. First time here. Found you at Mike Alegra’s blog. Thoroughly Modern Millie was one of my favorite movies as a kid. That and The Sting. And most anything with Julie Andrews for some reason. My first thought about the sandwich was, who orders a deli sandwich at a Chinese restaurant? Good post!


  4. Matt Blanchette says:

    Just stumbled over this blog post, because I have the line “It’s not insanity, says Vanity Fair” stuck in my head, and your post was the only one in the Google search to have a picture of Beatrice Lillie, so I could help but see what you’d written. 🙂

    For me, the moment in the film that genuinely wound up funniest (in a sea of moments meant to be funny but which didn’t land in the slightest) for me involves John Gavin — the actor who plays Millie’s boss. He was a contract actor probably best-known for appearing in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” about seven years prior to this, and there’s a very famous story that Hitchcock HATED working with Gavin, calling him “the stiff” — which is why I couldn’t stop laughing during the extended sequence when Gavin is plugged in the neck by a paralytic dart and so is LITERALLY frozen stiff — every time they cut back to him, unmoving, with THAT expression on his face… I just lost it. 😀

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  5. Amy says:

    “Sad to be all alone in the world.” Love, love, love Beatrice Lillie! (and coincidences!)


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