Busy, Busy, Busy

boynton chickens

Well, the S word is almost over and then the F word will be upon us, so I was at Northeastern University today, moving all my books and other stuff from my old office to a new office. I will be in a chicken coop with half the space and twice to three times as many more chickens, hoorah. (Yes, that is sarcasm.) Also I will be going from a situation where the computer : user ratio will go from 1:1 possibly down to 1:3.

And I finally remembered to get my dress shirts from the laundromat, so now it is “simply” a matter of updating my syllabus and the Blackboard site to be ready for my students. And let my students know about the pre-semester essay they have to write. And probably a bunch of things I won’t remember until after the first day of classes, even though I have plenty of time.

Nobody here but us chickens.