Why I’ve Been AWOL

Okay, so I have spent the last 71 days writing over 205,000 words of fan fiction for the TV show Supergirl, because the damn writers took a great show and started really fucking it up, putting the main character into a toxic and verbally abusive relationship, probably because the powers that be are trying to “balance” out the canon lesbian relationship and the show started getting very gay. And even Katie McGrath, who plays Lena Luthor, after Melissa Benoist told her about the existence of SuperCorp in fan hearts, rewatched the episodes she has played with Melissa and said, yes, it is completely reasonable. So yes. I have been AWOL here because I have been using my superpower of writing quickly and reasonably brilliantly because I have seen people on the Supergirl fan pages saying how triggered they are being by this iconic character dating a jerk.


But it has taught me the difficulties of sorting out POV when there are a lot of characters and action in a scene, the joys of dialogue, the ease/difficulty of capturing different characters’ voices, and a few other things. It turns out I am very good at writing yearning and very bad at writing snark, but maybe we knew that…18033287_10208755731351480_4425490238029206143_n

8 comments on “Why I’ve Been AWOL

  1. robert okaji says:

    Just glad you’re back!

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  2. me too, but the season isn’t over and more fuckery is expectable so there maybe more AWOL-ery in the next few weeks. But half of my schoolwork is done so hopefully I can step up better now, with more time.


  3. Perhaps you should write a spec script so you can potentially steer the show directly.

    Not that I want you to disappear for another 71 days. Write the script and keep blogging!

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  4. TV scripts are hard. And if they wanted to do what I want them to, they would. They’re just doing the Stupid Thing. Sigh.


  5. Widdershins says:

    Lena and Kara and the ‘superhero rescue carry’? I mean, seriously? … anyway … glad you’re back. 😀

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    • Talk to me! What do yo think about this? what are your thoughts about the fandom?

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      • Widdershins says:

        I agree with you about the whole Mon-El debacle. But, unless a galaxy-class tectonic shockwave rattles the writers cages, I think Kara and Lena will always be ‘just good friends’.

        You only have to look a little back to Warehouse 13’s abysmal handling of the undeniable attraction between Myka and H.G. and how that was ultimately handled.

        It’s not going to change unless shows, and characters, are created from the get go with the ability to flow with the characters and not predetermined plotlines.

        Even JK Rowling said the only reason Ron and Hermoine ended up together was that she had them paired in her mind from the beginning, and (her choice of course) didn’t go where the characters were leading her.

        So, my thoughts about the fandom. If you feel passionately enough about the issue to write over two hundred thousand words of fan fiction that will in all honesty probably only reach the ‘converted’, think about creating your own characters, in your own ‘universe’, that will hit all the emotional and action beats you want them to. Make it a novel or a series of novels, and publish it.

        Those two hundred thousand words are the equivalent of the first two of three books in a series. 🙂

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  6. I do have a Great American Novel that I started in the fall, very gay, mainly to figure out how I feel about stuff, but I have been learning a shit ton about writing relationships these past two months that will ultimately inform that when I get back to it, so I guess it’s “all grist for the mill” as my mom would say.

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