The First Rule Of Hillary Club — Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

A few words from our pal Dina Honour. I am also a proud member of the group she describes, which at last look had 151,755 members, after beginning only a week from yesterday.

Recently I was added to a secret group. It’s a group of women (and men) who are #WithHer. And by with her, I mean with Hillary. But even more than that, they are with every HER that is part of the group. Members run the gamut between long time Hillary supporters (raising hand) to those who […]

via The First Rule Of Hillary Club — Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

5 comments on “The First Rule Of Hillary Club — Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

  1. Dina Honour says:

    I love this group.


    • Me too! Almost up to 154,000!


      • Dina Honour says:

        I feel like the existence of this group explains the discrepancies I saw during the primaries–and while I love it, I also worry that the secretive nature is only going to urge people to believe in conspiracy theories–because the support is not visible and vocal people will see the negative space-am I just being paranoid????


  2. Yes and no. At this point, people are going to believe anything.

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  3. Widdershins says:

    It is sad that this group has to remain ‘underground’ … but as with all such underground movements imagine the power they can generate. 😀

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