Driving around the Writer’s Block

So here I am at work staring at a blank Word document while my schedule goes from blue—filled with clients—to white—abandoned and alone. Ordinarily I would simply write, but my brain is empty. I have written at least a hundred pages of my novel and don’t really know how to get over the middle hump—ALWAYS my problem with every novel I have ever tried to write.

I suspect I’ll just skip several weeks and attack some of the scenes I do sort of know what will happen in—is that sentence even English? Outline the third wedding and some of the anniversary party, hope that inspiration will strike or my characters will have interesting conversations and mention something they have been working on or I don’t even know, anything.

4 comments on “Driving around the Writer’s Block

  1. OOOH! for fun, I copied your 2 paragraphs and then arranged them by rhythm and line length…it is a lovely lil bleak poem

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  2. Are you going to post that? I would love to see it.


  3. Widdershins says:

    Here’s what I tell myself at those times, and yeah, they happen far too frequently for my liking. Sometimes in the middle of a story, of a chapter, of a scene, even in the middie of a bloody paragraph!!! … 😀 Write garbage. Write drivel. Write drek, and watch it fill up the page. There’s always tomorrows edit to clean it up.

    Good luck. Writers the world over commiserate with you. 🙂

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