Part Two for Jane


What the Pillow Said


All my life since the factory

I have lain on this one bed,

Cushioning the dreaming night

Visions of this one young man’s head

As they wandered through

The dizzy saturation of pictures–

Friends, storybook monsters–all blue

With memory. My job was clear

And without significant interest:

Make a soft place, put up here

And there with drool or even

The occasional murmur or snore.


So when he moved out of the dorm

I saw my chance and, leaping

From atop the laundry basket

Of despair, I fell. Keeping

Company with a telephone pole

For the last three nights and days

Has been eye-opening (or would have,

If I had eyes). Cars drive through haze

Into a future I could not imagine

Back then, before their journey showed

Me possibilities for adventure,

Before today began my life on the road.

9 comments on “Part Two for Jane

  1. Widdershins says:

    Go pillow!!! 😀


  2. Oh, this is a children’s book. Pillow, growing weary of snores and drool puddles, escapes the laundry basket of despair to go on a wild adventure of his own making.

    Do this.

    Liked by 1 person

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