Invention is the Mother of Pasta

So although my big challenge this week is to write one or more poems about a rhinoceros who rides a tricycle, I have been thinking about invention instead. Lately I have been thinking about a Linguini StairMaster. The linguini feels fat, right? So it goes to the gym but all the StairMasters/Machines are Human-Sized. What we CLEARLY need are gym machines for those of us who are smaller. Linguini could climb on the machine and thin themselves down to spaghetti size if they wanted, and then after that cappellini size.

I AM A GENIUS. All the pastas will be paying me Fitness Fees. Except possibly the bowties…

8 comments on “Invention is the Mother of Pasta

  1. And the rotini take a spin on the ellipticals?

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  2. shimmy440 says:

    All gym equipment should have dynamos fitted. Just think of all that green electricity.

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  3. Don’t forget zumba for ziti.

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