San San, Revisited

Okay, so I am trying the form from yesterday for myself. I think that it is fair to say that I won’t be doing too many of these anytime soon. It’s a lovely little form, but it is hard to say anything much in eight lines with such a strict rhyme scheme and the need to repeat the image three times–I think I only managed two. Still it’s always worth trying new things.


It is the essence of the candle to provide light:

Gently calling, out of the shadows, structure,

The table you step around, the chair you sit

In. So the candle, even though it is not bright,

Protects you, enables you not to injure

Yourself, bumble around in the darkness,

Walk right into the table or even hit

The chair. This is how humble candles bless.

3 comments on “San San, Revisited

  1. Look at you! Giving a little nod to rhyme! See? It’s not that bad, now is it?

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  2. I find it’s best to enter rhyme (if one has been used to employing an unrhymed free verse style) like this–a bit slowly, or through the use of repeated line forms such as rondelets, or in simple quatrains with slant rhyme, or even just end-rhyming the last couplet of an unrhymed poem to see how it changes the tone of the piece.

    Also you can experiment with internal rhyming, and for that, read Kay Ryan who is masterful at it.

    Also rhyme without meter, as Sylvia Plath often did, and see how it feels to make the ends of your lines resonate with sound. You may not like it, but since you have been so open to experimentation (GO YOU!!), keep at it.

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  3. I have done a lot with internal rhyme, actually. I will dig one of those up…


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