Readers Reply with Hue and Cry!

In response to my little rant the other day about rhyme, I received the following poems, the first from 10000hoursleft (also known as Mek):

After looking up the meaning of profundity
I came to the conclusion you’d likely be
Lumping me in
Oh for my sin
With those in the 98 per cent
Who keep aiming for ascent
To the lofty heights of the minority
To be a 2 percenter my priority
Joys of creative expression
Need not get a mention
Now, I’ll have to stop rhyming


And the second from Mike Allegra over at heylookawriterfellow:

Master sculptor, bearing chisel,
Paused his work so he could wizzle.
And so the marble had to wait,
For sculptor to evacuate.


(Drops mic and strides purposefully toward the exit.)


So I offer here as an apology a sloppy English sonnet. It’s got the rhyme scheme, but I dropped that whole iambic pentameter thing because I am tired after a long day’s work, and iambic pentameter would just be too much on an empty stomach at 7:41 pm.


I pick up the mic dropped there by Mike

And scanned the sky for ascended Mek.

They used dread rhyme in a way I like

Unlike those whose Yules get decked.

You see, the Food Network is to blame

For my Poetry Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Their December hacks of Clement Moore

Send me screaming to the border.

It seems that rhyme may perhaps have uses

For getting the poet’s ideas across.

It’s not just used by silly gooses;

Sometimes its users are just the boss!

So I will try to embrace the rhyme,

But please, Lord, please, not all the time.

6 comments on “Readers Reply with Hue and Cry!

  1. Here lies Lester More,
    Took four slugs from a forty-four,
    No Les, no more.

    Epitaph at Tombstone cemetery

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  2. Well played! A friend of mine used to annoy me, calling me Mek Deck in high school. I’ll have to let her know that a variation has featured in a soon to be classic poem 😊

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  3. Al Lane says:

    I love a GOOD rhyming poem… the problem is, it does get over-used as some people’s only idea of poetry. If you think of your poetic toolbox, why limit yourself to only using a hammer (free verse) or a screwdriver (rhyme) for every DIY job?? 🙂

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  4. Especially when most DIY projects can be managed with twine or twistems…


  5. I feel vindicated. And I thank you!


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  6. Widdershins says:

    Perfect … all three. Just perfect! 😀

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