Spirals, Truth, Reconciliation

Some intriguing thoughts from Shimmy440. I love the ideas of spiraling and self-reconciliation.

edge of the bell curve

Today my head is a shed.

My post title lacks coherence, as I suspect will most of the following.

Last night I was at a party, to assist some friends with the filming of their annual spoof YouTube Christmas Video. Beer was involved, as well as horse heads and pandas. I did a turn as a fake Jewish pianist (doubly fake as I am neither Jewish nor a pianist but…oy vey).

At one point in the proceedings I flicked on my phone to check for messages and while I was at it checked WordPress to access the feature that gives me activity stats. How many views etc. A close friend asked what I was doing and commented “I didn’t think you did this for the positive strokes….”

Well, I don’t.

Over the last few weeks I have on three separate occasions been inspired to toss the South African Truth and…

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2 comments on “Spirals, Truth, Reconciliation

  1. shimmy440 says:

    Thanks for the reblog…a first!

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  2. pastpeter says:

    writerspilecki and shimmy440, I agree with your spiral approach to communication. I first encountered it as the way some very thoughtful people taught physiology to med students in Denmark. In one of my later lives, as a minister, I learned again that you can’t and shouldn’t try to tell all you know at one time – e.g. in a sermon, or in a poem. Multiple encounters build a relationship, convey truth…

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