Where is the Outrage?

Christmas in New Haven, CT was around 58 degrees this year, which is about 30 degrees higher than normal. This past Monday, February 1 was 60 degrees, which is about 40 degrees higher than normal. Can you say anthropogenic climate change?

At the grocery store, I keep hearing people being happy about this “nice” (unseasonable), “beautiful” (unreasonable) weather. Here is the thing people: I know, I really do know, that last winter’s 9 feet of f#$%ing snow was traumatic. I remember taking 2 hours to do a 30-minute commute via the MBTA. I remember climbing mountains of snow to get from the sidewalk to the street and then, on the other side of the street, having to do it all over again.


I remember this very clearly. Like you, I still have flashbacks.

But tell me, when it is July, which is usually in the mid-80s or August, which is usually in the mid-90s, if we have 110, 120, or 130 degree weather, are you going to call it nice?

Somehow I doubt it.

6 comments on “Where is the Outrage?

  1. Very true. People ignore this far too often- it really is ridiculous.

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  2. Widdershins says:

    Anyone who has at least a decade of life left to live on this planet will experience such changes, and more, whether (no pun intended) they want to or not.

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    • Yup. And those of us who have at least 30 years with luck? Oy veh. And then I see women with four kids and I think, “What were you thinking? Do you simply not love your offspring or are you just willfully ignorant?” And then I go home and put my head down until the feeling goes away.


  3. Widdershins says:

    It will be a different world, a harder one, but with a little luck and a LOT of preparation, I do believe … well, I have hope, that we’ll make it.

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  4. That LOT of prep will have had to have started a good while back, chronologically. I look at our presidential candidates and the electorate and I despair.


  5. Amen! I’ve been similarly grouchy about the “beautiful” weather in New Jersey. It represents a very troubling situation.

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