The Return of the New Haven Bed Race


So I was just thinking about the small column I used to write once a month for Matsuyama’s small newspaper The Ehime Weekly RIQ (never did find out what RIQ stood for). There were a few of us foreigners who took turns writing the column, which would be printed in English and translated into Japanese, a sort of Engurish Puraktis. I was thinking about how writing the 20-line (and later down to 16-line) micro-essays was good practice for blogging. Then I thought about my favorite topic, the New Haven Bed Race. Then I Googled the race only to find out that it had stopped running in 1990 but was now running again after 25-year hiatus, and this past Saturday made a comeback! Hoorah!

It is a cool way to make money for charity. Teams decorate their beds and uniforms according to a theme, so for example a hospital team might all be wearing scrubs and stethoscopes with the rider dressed as a patient. The registration this year is $300, which seems excessive to me, but it is for charity, so I guess an eight-person team can split it to make it less ridiculous. Then everybody lines up down on the New Have Common and race in heats.

Giggles all around.

One comment on “The Return of the New Haven Bed Race

  1. I hope those sleepers are belted in.


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