45 Quotes about Poetry for National Poetry Day

Some brilliant little gems from our friends at Interesting Literature!

Interesting Literature

Witty and inspiring quotations about poetry in honour of National Poetry Day

As it’s National Poetry Day here in the UK (held in early October every year, usually on the first or second Thursday in the month), we’ve gathered together some of our favourite quotations (or quotes, depending on your preference) about poetry and poets, from the poetry of the everyday to the big philosophical questions which poetry presents us with. Where we’ve included a link on the author’s name, you’ll find more information about them – interesting facts, more quotations, or biographical material. We hope you enjoy the quotations.

There is no money in poetry, but then there is no poetry in money, either. – Robert Graves

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. – Edgar Allan Poe

There is no Frigate like a Book / To take us Lands away, / Nor any Coursers like a…

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3 comments on “45 Quotes about Poetry for National Poetry Day

  1. PJS says:

    What happened to the BWCG countdown/up?


  2. That is Psycho Sundays. Today is Friday.


  3. PJS says:

    Ah. Now it all makes sense.


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