Ode to a Birthday Anxiety Attack

Funnya-tiny-potatoMy heart trembles, my stomach trembles.

My hands are asking questions that my legs refuse

To answer. To look at me, you would think

I am calm, whole, demure even. You don’t hear

The chatter that is my body refuting the idea

That I don’t really need to vomit, not now.


Another year older and contemplating options,

That’s what does it, trying to figure out how to get

What I want, and how much I will have to change

To get what I want: to be loved, cherished, even

Just to be held, which would also help right

About now, when even my cat is out of sight.

One comment on “Ode to a Birthday Anxiety Attack

  1. I need to let you know that this Tiny Potato image is the background of my iPad screen.
    It also hangs on the inside of my classroom door, making it the last thing my students see when they leave my class.
    It’s an important part of life, to believe you can do the thing. Listen to the wise, tiny potato.

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