The Necessity of Your Existence as a Writer

A wonderful look at why we writers are necessary!

D.L. Perching

eisenhower quote

If the title of this post drew you in, then you know you are a writer – woven into your DNA – hard wired into the inner workings of your brain – heart and soul – born to create.

An unquenchable create or die thing lives inside a writer. Settling on the wrong career path feels like dying a slow painful death. We aren’t even in an attitude where we are not thankful for those horribly suited jobs. We have no choice whether to feel misery or joy in our ill-fitted posts. There’s a complete lack of peace to the very marrow of our bones and a voice shouting within to change direction – to write. “Tell your stories,” the voice reminds us again and again.

I had this strange epiphany yesterday. I made the connection between the Eisenhower quote above, J.K. Rowling, and her non profit organization Lumos…

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