Do You ever Just throw a Poem Out?


So during one of those long conversations with my roommate Jack last month he asked me if I ever just throw a poem out. The short answer is: Yep!

The long answer is, well, not without trying to resuscitate it first. Code Blue! Usually there is a line or a phrase or an image that is solidly good and if I take that out and throw everything else away and take that little cutting and see if I can grow it into something larger. And sometimes I just leave the inadequate ones in a folder or drawer and wait a while and see later whether or not I still think they are inadequate or unsalvageable. It is easier now than it was many years ago, but that is true of many things in writing and life.

3 comments on “Do You ever Just throw a Poem Out?

  1. Yep. Sometimes a story is on life support and in a vegetative state. It would be inhumane to not pull the plug.

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  2. Dina Honour says:

    Ugh. Why is there always a line or two or a paragraph or two that make you cling to hope? It would be so much easier (it is so much easier) when it’s just no good and is allowed to die in peace, but there’s always that ONE line or two…

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