Poetry, Food. Food Poetry


After living in the Boston area for more than twenty years, I finally went to Michael’s Deli in Coolidge Corner of Brookline and had their storied Reuben sandwich. That sandwich was bloody inspirational and when it is me that is talking, you know I mean that literally. So:

Ode to the Michael’s Deli

Reuben Sandwich

How perfectly heavy this

Pile of sweet corned beef,

How sour the kraut, how

Rough and soft the brown rye

Bread, the bed of this old marriage.

Even the cheese knows

Its perfect place, dripping out

On the dark edges, soft and

Hot, so utterly prodigal.

And the pickles? They

Keep their own secrets.

7 comments on “Poetry, Food. Food Poetry

  1. stanley spilecki says:

    Having had a disappointing Reuben this day your poem makes me jealous but also gives me some spiritual relief in knowing that somewhere, out there, the perfect Reuben still exists.

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  2. PJS says:

    I love the line “Hot, so utterly prodigal.”


  3. Utterly prodigal is the line I started with.


  4. PJS says:

    I would have thought it went without saying that one shouldn’t make a Reuben with a hot dog (instead of corned beef), but I guess that’s how they roll in Waltham.

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  5. writerchick says:

    LOL. That was awesome. Now I want a Reuben samich. Dang it.


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